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but jernnard had a ticket. he was able to get past security. but then going to to the gate and while there he tried to get an upgrade to business class and that's when the gate agent told him there are no business class seats here, so he ended up going on the plane, he took a seat actually a jump seat behind the pilot, but before takeoff, the flight attendants figured it all out. he didn't have the proper credentials and that's when they called authorities. >> okay, so what is the motive? why did he do this? >> excellent, excellent question. right now, and, by the way, he could face federal charges for this. but right now they say it doesn't appear that this was a link to terrorism. but they think, you know, it is anybody's guess. the guy just wanted a better seat, couldn't get the business class seat, but i have no idea. that's all part of the investigation. why would somebody do something like this? it is pretty serious. it is impersonating, you know, an official, it is lying to police, trespassing. so he's got some charges. he's being held on a million dollar bond right now, fred. >> unbelievable.
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all right, lisa sylvester, thanks so much for bringing that to us. that's going to do it for me. i'm fredricka whitfield. i'll see you throughout the weekend. now, more of the "cnn newsroom" with my colleague don lemon. something new today, we'll do the news, just a little differently. we're debating the stories you're buzzing about. it is a day of hot topics. i'm don lemon. let's talk. is the debate over guns getting downright tacky? late night wars. networks apparently booting the old for a younger, newer model. no soda, no smoke. now salt? what can you do these days? and the gop taking on the gay. didn't they read their own autopsy. plus, she's the queen of hot topics, but today, she's the
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subject of ours. wendy williams, how you doing? hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thank you very much for joining us. it is tauf to imagiough to imag a mother's nightmare. a mother holding her son when she says two kids tried to rob her. then shoot and kill her baby. i got my panel standing by to talk about all of this and the other incident involving gun violence just in the last couple of days. but first, just moments ago, cnn spoke with that mother. pay attention. >> what they did to my baby was terrible, what that boy did to my baby. i felt the gun was fake. i didn't -- i didn't think that the gun was real. >> can you share exactly what happened? >> i was walking him from the post office and i thought, you know, i don't go out enough, so i should take a walk.
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and i was five minutes from my house, next to the blue house out this road here, i always walk ella street, and a boy approached me and told me he wanted my money. and i told him, i didn't have any money. you know. and he said, give me your money or i'm going to kill you and i'm going to shoot your baby and kill your baby. and i said, i don't have any money. and don't kill my baby. and he tried to grab my purse and i tried to tell him i don't have any money and he shoved me and he shot me in the ear, grazed my head, back here. and then he shot me in the leg. and i didn't feel it. it got numb. i thought it was just a bb gun because it was a small gun. and then then he walked over and he shot my baby right in the face. and he must have died instantly because i screamed for help, and
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a neighbor called the police and he ran off, he got scared that i screamed. and i wheeled my baby really quick to a safe place inside the gate of the blue house on ella street. and then, you know, i took him out of the harness, and i tried to perform cpr, but i saw his lungs inflating, but he was not breathing. and there was no pulse. and by the time the emts got there, the police, they tried to do cpr also. and they -- i hope they get the maximum sentence if they're caught. if they can commit an adult crime, even the police can't go to training without being 21 years of age, so if they can use a gun like an adult, then they can be charged like an adult. i want to see lethal injection or at least, you know, life in
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prison, you snknow? because this child -- >> it is terrible, but we must report our nick valencia just asked police whether she is a suspect and they say they don't want to talk about the investigation because it could possibly damage it. we have to report that. joining me now are ben ferguson, radio talk show host of the ben ferguson show, also relationship expert dr. wendy, psychologist wendy walsh. welcome to both of you. this baby's death comes on the heels of a marine in quantico, virginia, shooting and killing two fellow marines before killing himself, a former prison inmate in colorado is dead after a shootout with police in texas. it is believed he was involved in the shooting death of a colorado prison chief. wendy, you're a mother, you heard from the mom, who lost her baby and the other stories. what is your reaction? >> i'm trying to hold in my tears here, don. it is a terrible, terrible, terrible story. and i mean when is enough going to be enough? when mothers are crying because
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babies are shot in their arms, because children have a hold of guns, it sounded like these were adolescents. when is enough going to be enough? >> mm-hmm. i know both your kids, i've met both of them. it is hard for any parent to imagine anything like that. this is really personal for you and for moms around the can country. >> yeah. it is very, very personal. i worry about my children walking to school. as you know, one of my daughters has asperger's syndrome and she's doing so well now and growing up and becoming so mature. i'm afraid to let her walk across the street to school by herself. i'm afraid to let my kids walk places. they do. i swallow my fear because i don't want them to grow up being fear-based. but this gun stuff has got to stop. it makes me want to move home to canada, don. >> ben? >> yeah, i mean, it is personal for me too. because i've unfortunately seen one of these young adolescents who went through the juvenile
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system and was arrested four different times as a juvenile, was in a gang and then put a gun to my head and shot at me from five feet away. they both went to prison. but they're both out on the streets now. and they're going to commit these crimes again. my problem is, why aren't we catching these people who are committing these crimes, who are using guns on the black market and yet we're not prosecuting them for long enough period of time and i think the issue here is this, we have to have laws in this country that people genuinely fear. and doing -- committing a crime with a gun in this country right now and the consequences that come with it are not feared by the criminals anymore. the guy that put a gun to me and i say this because it is personal, he many alreaalready convicted by the age of 22 of aggravated armed robbery with a gun. why is he out of prison to do it again? >> ben, i understand your -- listen, it is very personal for both of you. i appreciate all your candor and i appreciate your passion about it. i'm just playing devil's
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advocate here. >> sure. >> if the guns were not available, right, then would we be talking about this, ben? >> well, i think that you're implying as if we had some massive gun control, that -- >> just asking a question. i'm just asking a question because -- >> i'm being serious. here's my issue. >> we would be asking about knives, we had a problem with people burning people, we would be asking about that. >> here's my point. here's my point. here's my point. the point is this, law abiding citizens are not the issue here and to imply or to think people watching, that if we pass massive gun control, that people that are willing to put a gun and kill an infant child are going to somehow play by the rules is just not reality. we broke 20 laws, gun laws specifically, in littleton. would two or three more have fixed that problem with mental health, with kids having access, with their parents not being responsible gun owns and everything else?
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absolutely not. it is not an issue to me of gun control, because i think that gives us a false sense of security. >> all right. wendy, go ahead. >> i think, you know, in canada, a big hunting territory, there are a lot of guns, i grew up there for 25 years. i never saw one because the gun regulations are actually enforced. america is really great at making laws, but not so good at enforcing laws. and at the very least we need to make the sales of guns, whether it is, you know, retailers have one set of rules and then these gun show places have another set of rules, and then every state has their own kind of rules. we need at least one standardized system of what the rules are for people who have a criminal record, for people who may be mentally ill and we need to follow them and we need to enforce them if the gun laws are broken. >> great conversation. i want to continue on. did you see the yoko ono tweet? both of you? yoko ono, here is what she tweeted with a picture of john lennon's glasses with the blood
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on them. over 1,050,000 people were killed by guns in the usa since john lennon was shot and kill on december 8th, 1980. >> i'm so proud that at the age of 80 she's being a social activist. this is personal for her and the fact she's taken to twitter at the age of 80 is fabulous. and keep it up, yoko. i want to hear your words. >> and a little bit more and then i'll let you respond, ben. here is from the daily news. called congress gutless cowards. and then michael moore was on piers morgan's show, if a gunman killed harry reid's grandchildren in their school, would harry reid have kept the assault weapons from being introduced to congress. go ahead. >> i think one thing you look at yoko and what she put out there and god bless her for doing this and keeping the conversation
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alive, one thing i will say is where is the picture about mental health? the guy who killed her husband had tried to kill himself a couple of years earlier, had been in a mental institution, his family knew he had problems. how he was able to go out there and yet do this and we didn't have, knowing this guy should not have been able to purchase a weapon, that he should have been on a list, he was able to buy what he wanted to. he actually tried to kill himself. >> the pictures for mental health are newtown and aurora. >> that's my point. so why aren't we talking about one of the biggest issues here, because once it goes political and this whole gun control debate, it is the gun, it is the gun, the consistent theme we keep seeing in these tragedies is a mental health issue and congress has not had one real blunt conversation about that. i would say to harry reid, why aren't you actually trying to fix the problem instead of both sides doing political -- >> i'll tell you why. >> mental health is obvious here.
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>> i'll tell you why. we love to think in this country that we have free range capitalism, but we don't. and we don't have socialism either. what we have is called neo futilism where basically about 20 brands and 20 organizations own us, own the government as well, and nobody can get into politics unless somebody pays them to get there. and then they can't really represent us, can they? >> all right, thank you, fascinating conversation. fascinating conversation. i appreciate both of your points. stand by. i'll bring in a new panel on this topic, reports surfacing that jay leno will pass the torch on to jimmy fallon. but jay has got some choice words for nbc execs and thinly veiled jokes before he goes. so much to talk about. we have a new panel to discuss the late night wars. it is our super sized panel today. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no!
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. so much to talk about today. we have a brand-new panel standing by. this is our super friday hot topics. this is my new boot crew. we'll talk about this. let's talk jay leno getting booted. if you -- if he was a poker player, he might have to work on his bluffing skills. late night host not exactly hiding his feelings about nbc this week, amid rumors that a
11:16 am
deal may be in the works for leno to hand over "the tonight show" to funny man jimmy fallon. listen to this. >> drove all the snakes out of ireland and then came into the united states and became nbc executives. it's a fascinating story. the most common thing people are giving up for lent this year, watching nbc apparently. yeah. the ratings are so bad, the biggest loser isn't just a tv show anymore, it is our new motto. that's how bad it is. things once thought to be extinct could now be brought back from the dead. there is hope for nbc. it could turn around. >> ouch. back with my new panel. deedee mcgwire, tell us how you really feel. deedee mcgwire, radio host of the deedee mcgwire in the morning show. david begnaud, and radio and tv personality maria davis. guys, jay leno is really letting them have it.
11:17 am
nbc is fast tracking the move, hoping jimmy fallon will attract a younger audience. the new york times says, that switch is expected to take place by the fall of 2014 and the show will move from los angeles to new york. deedee, nbc isn't commenting on the swap. that doesn't mean we can't talk about it and jay leno is hinting. >> my problem is with jay leno, didn't he learn this a couple of years ago when they were going to replace you with conan. we have seen this before. and to sit there and now start slamming bosses who pay him millions of dollars, we all know how much this guy is getting paid, i don't know, i think it is classless. and i'm bored with it. >> are you really? why are you bored? >> i'm bored. >> why are you bored? >> here's the thing. as she said, jay leno has been through this before. but what does "the tonight show" even mean anymore. steve alan, jimmy carson, that was back in the day. it is almost irrelevant now. now you have jay leno, and look, nobody feels sorry for jay leno. he's loaded. it is time for him to wrap it
11:18 am
up. >> you know what, jay leno, for some reason or other, listen, people, especially comedians, late night talk show hosts, they don't have a lot of nice things to say about jay leno. >> nobody likes him. >> it is because jay leno coming up was the coolest. when he was on carson, he would go on letterman's show, jay leno was awesome. he slowly sanded down every edge he had to become this milquetoast -- i mean, i wouldn't mind -- you would hear, like, those headlines, jay leno is attacking nbc in his monologue, you think that's exciting. you hear the jokes. god, i wish they were good jokes. it is terrible. and so the reason why the tonight show is irrelevant, it is because of jay leno. saturday night live is still relevant years and years and years later. and -- >> is it because of the format. listen, the "today" show was the most popular show, now it is not doing so well. is it the format of "the tonight
11:19 am
show"? >> i don't think it has anything to do with wanting to attract a newer audience. i think it has everything to do with the fact that leno is just not funny. his nbc jokes are funny. i take exception that he shouldn't be making fun of them. >> he should have done it earlier. they're funny. you should do that. why do you get in trouble for making fun of your bosses. that's what the late night shows are all about. >> when your boss pays you millions, like that, i'm sorry, walk out with class. >> who cares? that's what the show is all about. that's what they do. >> here's the other problem to me with the show. guess what, they lean on celebrities to get us to watch. and celebrities are so accessible today with all the entertainment shows and the internet, i mean, i'm sorry, i don't find jay leno to be relevant. but the only -- >> listen, maybe you don't find jay leno to be relevant. i got to tell you, though, i tune in, especially for the monologue, he does a take on the news, to jimmy kimmel almost every night and as often as i can. he's funny.
11:20 am
>> he's funnier. he's funnier. >> jay leno every night, what is going on. >> he has the premiere franchise. he's got the premiere franchise. there is no reason the tonight show should not be number one. >> howard stern, howard stern, howard stern. >> nbc is being -- >> no. all right, guys. thank you. you had to get in the howard stern. i think i was just ba-ba-buoyed. we can talk about howard and everybody else. the gop taking on the gay. did you hear what saxby chambliss said about same sex marriage. we'll debate that with a brand-new panel. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
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back to my hot topics panel in just a moment. first, another blow for the postal service to tell you about. congress' watchdog arm says the post office must deliver mail six days a week, that can could end the plan to cut first class service on saturdays. a man is busted for impersonating a pilot on a us
11:24 am
airways flight wearing an air france uniform and fake credentials. we're told he sweet talked his way into the cockpit. when the real pilot arrived, philadelphia police arrested him on the spot. michael jackson's daughter, paris jackson, questioned about the days leading up to her father's death. her testimony is part of the lawsuit. lawyers for aeg tried to question 10-year-old blanket but a doctor warned it would be detrimental. now back to the panel. joining us, david serota and theresa will, deputy editor for "essence magazine." welcome to all of you, especially the new ones that just showed up. let's talk got gop and the g-a-y-s. same sex marriage starting with senator saxby chambliss making sure everyone knows he's not gay. did you know he's not gay? when asked by politico if he
11:25 am
would consider changing his views on gay marriage, the georgia republican said, quote, i am not gay, so i'm not going to marry one. let's remember, just a few days ago, the gop released an autopsy on the party to help it figure out how to best move the party forward. one of these items was to be more inclusive. ben, what kind of start was that? >> how did i know you were going to come to me first on this one, right? >> oh, come on. it's obvious. you're the -- go ahead. you're the guy who said you would be on the cover of "out" magazine with me. >> side by side, exactly. i think what is interesting about this is how many times senators get asked the same question. obviously this is not the pc way to answer the question. i think we can all agree with that. but it is also, if you're a journalist student out there, don't ask stupid questions of people. if you know what the answer is going to be, and i think that
11:26 am
was his point. it was poorly worded. don't get me wrong. it was not a sfatatement that would make more people want to become conservative, shame on him for that. but at the same time, he's been very blunt about his stance on gay marriage, and i think that's the reason why he got a little irritated and answered the way he did. >> there are also reaching out to african-americans and this, i don't know, maybe there will be some different outreach for african-americans, but this -- i'll ask you the same question, this doesn't appear to be a good start here. >> doesn't appear to be a good start for saxby or republicans in general? >> republicans reaching out to -- trying to make the tent more inclusive. >> certainly cpac was evidence of that. that was not, you know, exactly a ringing way for them to try to reach out to anybody with, you know, the guy standing up for slavery at cpac. and then in terms of saxby, to
11:27 am
me this is a classic nonstatement statement. i would take -- i don't exactly agree with ben on that. i don't think he was kicking a journalist to task. i think he was a real sarcastic nonanswer. and missing the point. >> it is not just him. in new jersey, there is a bill to ban gay conversion therapy with minors making its way through state legislature and governor chris christie does not believe in gay conversion therapy, but he hasn't said if he will sign the ban into law. he doesn't believe in it, but he's not sure he's going to sign it into law. is that a nonanswer answer just like theresa said about the other thing? >> it makes absolutely no sense. if you're supposed to represent his beliefs and we voted him in because of his beliefs, then he should vote on his beliefs. but obviously, there may be other special interests involved. i always question that. who is he voting for? who are politicians voting for this day? and you and i don't have to debate how wrong gay conversion therapy is, or any way to try to
11:28 am
change someone's sexual orientation, it doesn't make sense, have we not reached the time where we can just be who we are? come on! >> david, you know, we saw rob portman, you know, last week saying, my son came out to me, therefore i'm changing how i feel about same sex marriage. i'm in support. do you have to have a loved one in order to empathize with someone who may be -- who you may consider as other? >> i think what is revealing about what rob portman did was essentially expressed the fact that when republicans have to deal with reality, when they come out of the political bubble and they're actually connected to things that regular people face, then sometimes their policies will change. and i want to go back to what saxby chambliss said. i don't think what he said is something that is irrelevant. i think it is quite revealing. here is what the republican party is essentially saying through saxby chambliss. that essentially that if an issue doesn't affect them personally, they don't care. saxby chambliss is essentially saying, because he's not gay, he doesn't have to care. he doesn't have to care.
11:29 am
and i think this is exactly what the root of the problem is for the republican party, they continue to project an idea that if something doesn't touch them personally, that's the way they're going to be. >> okay, ben, quickly, go ahead. >> what i think is absurd about this conversation is the fact that you guys are sitting there trying to imply that i, or any other conservative automatically takes saxby chambliss pill at 8:00 a.m. and we agree with everything he said, which is absolutely absurd. let me finish. you're showing -- you're assuming there is absolutely no tolerance by others. do you know how many congressmen -- >> wait, wait, wait, wait. i'll let you finish. i'll let you finish, ben. let me get in here and tell you that is not true. no one is implying. anna navarro, a republican, who is a republican consultant and a contributor here on cnn, and a number of other republicans have come out and said that they support same sex marriage.
11:30 am
i don't think anyone is assuming that. but you can defend yourself. >> but the panel just -- several people on the panel just implied that this is the whole republican party, and the republican party, and i'm quoting -- >> the republican party opposes gay marriage. >> that doesn't mean -- that doesn't mean -- okay, but let me say this. >> they're not willing to be tolerant. >> let him finish. go ahead. >> i personally, i personally think that marriage should be defined between a man and a woman and i'm also in favor of civil unions. that does not mean that i am intolerant toward gays and lesbians, which you're trying to point a picture. you have no tolerance for my viewpoint. >> no, ben, you made -- >> you have no tolerance for my personal viewpoint. >> hold on a minute. what you're saying is that gay people should not have the same protections under the law as everybody else. that is by definition of intolerance. you just said you oppose gay
11:31 am
marriage. you oppose -- >> civil union -- you are that -- that is intolerance. that's the definition of intolerance. >> sir, civil unions would give you the same protections under the law legally. >> it is different. >> no, it is not. >> legally it is not. >> stop it. ben, what he is saying is in america we don't do separate but equal. that's what the civil rights movement was about. go ahead. >> this is what i would say in response to that. when you turn gay marriage into anyone that is against it, as now you're somehow the equivalent of the civil rights movement and/or being like a racist, i think that is -- >> people didn't agree with interracial marriage. people didn't think black people should vote. people didn't think women should vote. does that make it right? should you respect that viewpoint? >> don, don, don, do you honestly believe -- let me answer this question. don, do you honestly believe i
11:32 am
don't like you as a person because you happen to have a different lifestyle than i do? >> i never even -- it never even crossed my mind. >> that's my point, though. that's my point. that is exactly -- >> you don't want him to have the same protections under the law. >> no, i don't. i want him to have civil unions -- >> hang on. hold on. go ahead. >> i have one -- can't you personally be against gay marriage and just personally, but not, you know, be against having other people having the right to do that? that's your own personal viewpoint. but why impose that upon other people? >> i'm not trying to -- i'm not trying to make anyone that is gay or lesbian including my friends that are gay or lesbian, force them into marriage. i'm saying why can't you show tolerance and actually accept that marriage has been defined between a man and woman and civil unions would give you all the protections under the law -- >> i don't think you're answering my question. >> we'll give wendy walsh the
11:33 am
last word. no one should have to tolerate hate or discrimination. that's the -- >> i don't hate you. >> i know, but, listen, you don't hate me, but that's discriminating against me because you're saying -- what you're saying different but equal, i don't have the same rights that you have as an american. wendy, go ahead. >> don -- >> the elephant in the living room that we're all talking around here is that what we're really seeing is enormous change and variance within the gop. i think it is so important to keep this capitalist society that we keep it a two-party system, if not trying to figure out who they are and what their beliefs are. there is not a lot of cohesion. there is a lot of variance. it is all good. it is all growth. and they need to be the watchdogs of the party that is in power right now. that's it. >> that's the last word. all right. the next one, first, they're
11:34 am
attacking soda and cigarettes and now experts saying don't eat salt. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster entrees, like bster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon on two lobsterfest entrees.
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we're back. everything is calm. that last panel was salty, right? >> whoo! >> that's what i said. >> good, though. good tv. >> good to watch. >> people are overdosing on salt. it is not just the stuff inside the shaker, the salt inside prepackaged foods that is taking us down. that's the finding from several new studies about the danger of salt that were just presented at a meeting of the american heart association. latest bad news, most prepared toddler meals have more than the recommended amount of saltor kids which is about 210 milligrams per serving. look at this study. 75% of the world's population is getting 4,000 milligrams a day. that's a lot. that's double the recommended amount.
11:38 am
>> okay. >> listen, okay. deedee, i know you always want to have the last word -- or i mean the first word and the last word. what do you think about that? i'm of two minds. >> the only thing i can say is this, i love my -- obviously it is addictive, we're starting at such a young age, in all our food, it is what it is. they're going to tell us we can gnaw on celery and then say, there is a problem with that. like, really? too much of anything is bad. >> somebody call michael bloomberg. tell him to send the salt police. >> the salt shaker can only have one hole, can only be this big. >> yeah, i mean -- >> exactly. >> with all due respect, this is an important conversation to be having. people are buying these foods for their kids, and they're serving it to them and they're extremely high in salt. look, the bloomberg law is maybe crazy and nontraditional -- >> ridiculous. >> but it opened people's minds, when you drink soda -- we need to raise awareness. people need to be eating healthy. >> hang on, david.
11:39 am
jack, listen, i eat salt. i love burger king. i love my yeah burger here in atlanta. i like five guys, all of it. when i was a kid, they would say, eat all this stuff, most of the people i knew ate all this stuff. we were okay, we used to go outside and eat dirt and they said great, it is good for your immune system. >> dirt? >> i ate mk donaldcdonald's on here. >> let him finish. go ahead, jack. >> i just -- i think you're totally right, don. for years and years and years everybody was fine. and people were eating thisood and they were -- we're -- every study that comes out shows something is going to kill us. we're living on earth is a slow -- we're all going to die. it is a war of attrition we will lose. so it is a matter of picking your battles. the day that you're born means you're one day closer to death. >> always.
11:40 am
always. >> so enjoy the burger. >> back in the day, people were eating real fruits and vegetables. they weren't eating prepackaged foods. it is true. >> here's the deal. david, quickly, we got to run. >> here's the deal. in los angeles and west hollywood, we have this store that gives you the prepackaged food. you go in there, it is cheap, looks good, you turn it over, it has 900 grams of sodium. it is a legitimate topic we need to talk about. >> i'm shocked. in west hollywood -- >> we're all shocked. >> thank you, guys. up next, one university teaching young reporters how to use drones. that's gathering news. we'll talk about that later. [ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. [ female announcer ] from finding the best way... ♪
11:41 am
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my panel has done a lost talking today. short answers. we know big brother is watching. you as well.
11:44 am
cameras seem to be everywhere, in stores, along sidewalks and more and more in the skies. not just the military using them. soon it could be your neighbor. university of missouri teaching its journalism students how to use drones. the school article says the point is for students to, quote, gather images that will enhance news stories and potentially generate stories. is it innovative or invasive? a few paparazzi in europe started to use drones already. wendy, as someone -- i'm not a celebrity, but with someone to some degree of celebrity, this bothers me. >> i think we should be happy they're in the hands of journalists instead of just the government. but the truth is, this is a hunger games meets george orwell and last week i reread 1984 because i was reading it with my teenager and i was shocked how it has all come true. i even put a post it over the little camera on my laptop now because people tell me that hackers can get in and watch you in your room. >> my goodness. >> so it is frightening. we all have to be careful.
11:45 am
but i do like that all sides have access to the technology at this point. >> david, she said journalists -- it depends on your definition of journalists. should that be paparazzi as well or -- >> right. >> or one of the tabloid shows. >> look, i mean, this is -- this speaks to the idea we're becoming a surveillance society. we're getting used to the idea that big brother is watching. and big brother, i think, to wendy's point, is not just the government, it is really all sorts of companies, corporations, now even journalists. i think it is frightening. i think the good news is we're becoming aware of it. how to deal with it is a big question. i'm not comfortable with the idea of corporations, private individuals, being able to surveil their neighbors, to be able to look in on what should be the notion -- that should be areas of private property. the notion of privacy right now is really seriously under attack. it brings all autopsy sort up ethical questions. >> you want to do sunning in your speedo and a drone flies
11:46 am
by. >> when you're grown up, your parents are like, hey, listen up, kids, study hard, go to college, get a real job. so you're not playing with remote controlled toys. i mean, this is not journalism training. this is paparazzi training. and the university of missouri, one of the top journalism schools in the country, should be teaching that you shouldn't have to use drones to get a story if you're actually a good journalist. >> you're agreeing, right? >> can you imagine -- can you imagine on your resume putting, i can fly this really good? >> as a journalist, i mean, look, journalism is under siege. and journalism schools are looking for ways to be more relevant to stay ahead of the technology curve. so, i mean, i think that's what they're doing here. i think being experimental in your education is a good thing. to keep an open mind. but on the other hand, there are serious privacy concerns here, and as a journalist who got her
11:47 am
start doing, you know, shoe leather reporting, you know, just pounding the pavement, you know, there is a difference between voyeurism and journalism. and as a tool, that's one thing, but it can't substitute for reporting. getting the facts. >> theresa, david, wendy, and ben, who is the messy one today, you're the -- every day there is someone who causes a mess. today it is ben ferguson. thank you, guys. this next one is going to be good. she is a gossip queen that likes to dish on the hottest stars. ratings for wendy williams show skyrocketing but some celebs fighting back. we'll tell you about an open lettle lett letter. [ buzzer ] hot dog? i'm buying.
11:48 am
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talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. . here we go. wendy williams, how you doing? how you doing? >> how you doing? >> how you doing. >> all right. >> how you doing? apparently pretty well these days. her ratings are off the charts, up 40% in february in the key ratings and despite talk shows from anderson to ricki lake being canceled, the wendy williams show was not only renewed, but it is adding two extra months of news shows this summer while other talk shows take a break. but all this success at what cost? some celebrities say she bashes them with rumors and lies. the latest, will smith's aunt from "the fresh prince of bel air," janet hubert, she called
11:51 am
wendy a demon. why? because she asked her co-star tatyana ali why she really left the hit show. watch. >> from my point of view, it was really like a divorce, like when it actually happened. it felt like a divorce. and then daphne reid came in. >> the new aunt viv. >> the new aunt viv. we had to get to know our new mom but there was definitely, like, negativity, like you could feel it. we really loved each other and laughed every day. i don't see why there would be tension or what the issue would be. >> thank you for clearing that up for us. >> okay, panel. so, you know she was watching that day and she came out in support and wrote wendy williams a letter talking about calling her wiggy and weavy and she's vulgar language all the time. >> it is the greatest. >> yes. >> what do you think of this? >> look, the letter was hilarious. i had to read it twice today. i couldn't write my thoughts
11:52 am
down on what i thought of it because i was laughing so hard. when you're in the talk show business, you can go one of two routes, the maury route or the oprah route. most try to go the oprah route and fail. you may not want to go the maury route. wendy does something in between. i think she's hilarious. you know why it works? she asks the questions that people want to know. she can be messy, she can be dirty, she can be irreverent end and people love that. it works. does she -- people off, she does. and it works. >> i love it. >> one thing about wendy's show, you look at the talk shows that have been canceled or are doing well or poorly, the only two renewed, steve harvey and wendy williams. that says a lot about diversity and the kind of topics they cover. >> i think it says a lot about them. i think it says a lot about them as personalities. >> i said mara. >> thank you. this is like a gift from the baby jesus. here it is, another great pr thing for her, this letter is
11:53 am
hilario hilarious. >> exactly. >> the scathing letter, and then the end, she calls her a demon and a virus and a wig and at the end, it says peace. that is comedy. >> i was just going to say, i used to work with wendy in new york and i love her and i'm proud of her. the one thing about this woman who says all these things about wendy and how terrible she is and she tuned in to watch the one piece of the show, because tatyana ali, that was aly. she said so much about wendy's show that she's a fan. >> wendy is a doll. that's what she does. everyone takes what wendy says with a grain of salt. it is not world news tonight. it is the wendy williams show. relax a little bit. okay, guys. hang on, hang on. last night i kept getting all these tweets about, don lemon, take a look. did you have a clip of scandal? yes, no. >> scandal? >> one of the reporters tonight
11:54 am
scandal favor ee eed -- >> you can put tweets up as we talk and you can let the audience read them. do we all look alike? >> stop. >> come on! >> i don't know why i got that question. >> don, i'm a better looking black guy than you are. >> i get mistaken for don lemon a lot. >> well, too bad i was watching the ncaa last night. i didn't get to see scandal, so i didn't respond until this morning. >> hottest show on tv. >> thank you so much. thank you, guys, i appreciate it. have a good weekend. we're back in a moment. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind...
11:55 am
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you don't have to be a basketball fan to know it is march madness. tom foreman takes a look at what makes the ncaa tournament a fan favorite. >> reporter: even as tiny valparaiso failed to win, boosters had reason to celebrate because their team at least made it into what has become the sports spectacle of spring. in truth, the ncaa tournament is rivaled by few other sporting events anytime of year. drawing millions of fans who follow every dribble and millions more who don't know a free throw from a foul. michael willbon with espn. >> they wouldn't have any idea what the basketball programs are about or what they have done historically, but they know final four. it is a brand. uniquely american brand. >> reporter: the tournament
11:58 am
started in 1939 when basketball itself was still just gathering steam and it was an underdog, a distant second to a much more popular college playoff series. but shrewd marketing and good luck pushed the final four into a fast break of staggering success. today, the contest is met with billions of dollars in tv revenue and have fans from wichita, their team playing, to the white house guessing who will win. >> i think indiana. >> reporter: in many ways, that's what makes the final four so attractive. unlike football where many teens are out of contention for the championship, even before their seasons end, in the final four, dozens of teams come into the tournament with a real shot at the crown, even if it is a long one. >> basketball is a much more democratic endeavor, if you will. it is much more inclusive. >> reporter: that is what has driven the final four to such heights. the cinderella story, the championship comebacks, and the idea that even when bucknell meets butler, one of them might
11:59 am
go all the way. tom foreman, cnn. [ male announcer ] the 2013 chevy silverado 1500 has the best pickup coverage in america. with a new 2 year, 24,000 mile scheduled maintenance program, a 3 year, 36,000 mile, bumper-to-bumper warranty, and the 5 year, 100,000 mile, powertrain limited warranty. we've got you covered eight ways to sunday. come to think of it, sunday, too. right now, chevy truck owners can trade up to a silverado all star edition and get a total value of $7,500. the dependable, reliable chevy silverado.
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12:02 pm
i put my arms over my baby and he shot me. >> why my little one? should have just taken a pocketbook and go. >> a mother says two kids tried to rob her before shooting her baby in the head. and, today, a town's wrath. paris jackson, questioned about the days leading up to her father's shocking death. and a man pretending to be a pilot, sweet talked his way into the cockpit. we're on the case. hello, i'm don lemon. top of the hour. thank you so much for joining us. we begin with this, a man who led police in texas on a gun blazing chase and was shot at the end now has been identified. his name is evan ebel, described as a white supremacist gang member who served prison time in colorado. investigators say there may be a whole lot more to this story. they say evidence found in ebel's smashed up cadillac could link the dead driver to the murder of tom clements,
12:03 pm
colorado's prison chief, who was slain at his home on tuesday night. there can also be a link to a murder last sunday of a pizza delivery man in denver. with us by phone from colorado springs, colorado, paula presley of the sheriff's department. we understand your department has sent people to texas to search that cadillac, correct? >> that is correct. >> so one driver who has been found by the dead white supremacist, the one driver, what links him or the car to the murder of tom clements? >> well, at this point from our office investigation, which is the murder of tom clements, we became -- we were notified of this from texas authorities, because the vehicle matched the description of a bolo we put out for a vehicle matching that description that was seen in the area near the residence of tom clements the night of his murder. >> what more can you tell us about the driver of the car?
12:04 pm
>> don't have a lot of information on the driver of the vehicle, other than what we have received from texas identifying him, and we do know that he is a parolee from colorado out of the department of corrections. >> okay. we have learned from cnn's drew griffin, part of our investigative unit here, that authorities near dallas are looking at ebel in connection to the murder of an assistant d.a. who was prosecuting members of the aryan nation. do you know anything about that? >> that is the first i have heard of that. no, i don't know anything about that. >> okay. what about the reports that the killing of tom clements possibly carried out by evan ebel might have been ordered from inside the colorado prison system from -- by whom? >> again, we don't have any information on that. obviously those are weeds, so to speak, we'll be following up on. the fact that he was in prison, i think the question is what was
12:05 pm
the motive, what would have been his specific motive for targeting mr. clements. so certainly we have a lot of investigation that we still have to do to determine what the motive was, and to determine whether or not there was anyone else in connection with that. that being said, obviously we will look through those -- that information that we're receiving and coordinate with the department of corrections to see if there is any information that would validate that. >> paula presley, thank you very much. breaking news now. just getting word from the faa that the faa has announced it will close nearly 150 air traffic control towers at regional airports. want to go live now to renee marsh at frederick municipal airport in maryland. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, i can tell you, don that this information coming from the faa literally just minutes ago and so you have people who are working in these air traffic control towers, just
12:06 pm
finding out that they will be without jobs. many of them don't quite know what's next for them. we're here in frederick, maryland. this tower you see behind me, get this, it was built with federal stimulus money. we're talking about $5.3 million spent to build this tower here. and now just minutes ago, they have been told by the faa that starting april 7th, they will be shut down. joining me live now is christopher swann. he is an air traffic controller inside of this tower here. you've been doing this for 19 years. when you heard the news, just 30 minutes ago, what was your reaction? >> it was silence. the very somber mood up in the tower. i personally almost got sick. this is everything i worked for in my entire life. i came from nothing, and made something of myself and now it is all gone. >> reporter: i mean, you all knew that this list was coming out. you knew it was coming and i know you mentioned earlier that
12:07 pm
was tough in itself, waiting for this list. and now we have this 149 towers that will be shut down and yours is included. but, still, hearing and seeing the name on that list must have been tough. >> yes, it is very rough. when we were waiting that i thought was the worst. but now actually getting the news, it is a very sad day for much of us, and but i guess now the heal process can actually begin. >> reporter: thank you very much for talking with us here, christopher. there are about a thousand other air traffic controllers today having a similar story, getting the same kind of news christopher is. we'll send it back to you, don. >> thank you to christopher and renee marsh. other news, president barack obama wrapping up his tour of the middle east before arriving in jordan. the president closed a three-day visit to israel with a solemn visit to the holocaust museum, reaffirming the jewish state's right to exist. he then met with jordan's king abdullah, promising 200million
12:08 pm
in aid to help the country as it struggles with a syrian refugee crisis. he also talked expectations for peace in the middle east. >> this was a trip to make sure i'm doing my homework. we set expectations low, precisely because there has been a lot of talk over decades, but it hasn't produced the results that everybody wants to see. let me listen to the parties first. >> straight to cnn's john king who is in amman, jordan. john, what is the most important agenda item in jordan for the president? >> reporter: don, the most important item is that aid you mentioned. jordan is being overwhelmed, swamped by refugees from syria coming in, several thousand a day, approaching the half million mark here. this country's economy was already struggling to begin with. and officials here say it spent somewhere in the ballpark of a billion dollars to deal with the refugees. the united states is already number one. the president noted in the international community, in putting up both cash and other human taryn resources to help
12:09 pm
with the refugee crisis but is promising 200 million more. that's the most important takeaway from the jordanian perspective. they need the financial help and in the meeting, the president also able to talk about what is the jordanian government and the intelligence service, what is their assessment of what is going on in syria, how long does the king think bashar al assad can hang on? an update on syria the most important item here. >> what was really accomplished, john, in this trip overall? >> reporter: you know, you have to say, don, i think what was accomplished is important foundations were set down. we'll see in the weeks and months ahead whether they produced the results the president wants. let's go through one of them, very important, not on the schedule. that was the president brokering a call this morning, between the israeli prime minister and the turkish prime minister. two traditional allies who have not had normal relations for about three years now. remember, that gaza blockade, israeli commandos killed some turks on a boat out, trying to bring humanitarian aid to gaza, relations broke off. the president brokered a call this morning in which prime
12:10 pm
minister netanyahu apologized to prime minister erdogan, promised to bring restitution to the families back in the united states. to have them back, back on the same page, is very, very important. also comparing notes with the israeli leadership about the diplomacy with iran over its nuclear program, israeli officials, don, if you talked to them a year ago, six months ago, they weren't sure the president meant it when he said all options were on the table. they deidn't think tehran would take seriously what he said. they take him at his word now. they may not have the same timetable, but they believe the president would act. as you noted, another big takeaway, trying to get the parties, the palestinians and israelis back to the bargaining table, but the president is not in too much of a hurry here, if you bring them in too soon, things will collapse. and lastly, don, the president had a rocky public image in israel, a key u.s. ally and american president wants to be
12:11 pm
popular in israel, not just because the israelis like him, it helps him back home and the white house feels 1,000% it accomplished that goal. >> cnn's john king, amman, jordan. john, thank you very much. appreciate that. the marine corps is reeling from another tragedy, just days after seven marines died in a training accident in nevada. military investigators were trying to piece together why three marines were fatally shot early this morning at the marine corps base in quantico, virginia, south of washington, d.c. one of the dead was the gunman, the commander said all three were permanently assigned on the base officer candidate school. >> the shooter, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound by law enforcement at the scene. two other victims, a male and female, both active duty marines, were pronounced dead at the scene. the three marines involved in this incident were all permanent personnel assigned to officers
12:12 pm
candidates school. all of the candidates in the school are accounted for and safe. >> names of the victims are being withheld until their families are notified. very sad store. police say they will leave no stone urn tunturned in the shooting death of a 13-month-old boy. the boy was killed yesterday morning in a residential neighborhood. cnn spoke with the mother who says she was walking her son when two boys tried to rob her. you got to see this. listen. >> and then he walked over and he shot my baby right in his face. and he must have died instantly because i screamed for help, and a neighbor called police and he ran off, he got scared, but i screamed and i wheeled my baby really quick to a safe place inside the gate of the blue house on ella street, and then, you know, i took him out of the harness, and i tried to perform
12:13 pm
cpr, but i saw his lungs inflating, but he was not breathing. and there was no pulse. and by the time the emts got there, the police, they tried to do cpr also, and they -- we lost him. >> unimaginable. one way to describe this. nick valencia now in brunswick. horrific story. what are police saying about this? >> reporter: well, don, i just got a phone call in fact from officer todd rhodes, just got off the phone moments before you got know. they'll have a press conference at 4:00 p.m. i asked him if they had any suspects or persons of interest in custody. he said, only, quote, you have to be there. what police are saying varies slightly from what the mother is telling us. the police say that they have more than 30 leads in this investigation. they also say they have no suspects so far in custody. now, what happened yesterday, happened about 9:30 a.m., a few blocks from where i'm standing, the mother, i interviewed her
12:14 pm
earlier, she told me she was walking, just a normal day, walking in the morning, strolling her baby along, when two young boys approached her. she said she's never seen them before in her life. she said they tried to rob her. she said there are eyewitnesses who saw what happened. in this press conference, just a short time ago, police told me that there are a lot of rumors and discrepancies about the information being disseminated. it seems as though, don, this information, these discrepancies are coming straight from the mother. in a press conference today, they address these rumors. take a listen. >> apparently nick, we don't have that. you said there is a press conference happening soon. they'll update us. how soon? >> reporter: they are going to update us. in under an hour, new information. in that press conference, don, i asked, because of the discrepancies, you know, police say there were no eyewitnesses, also saying there was no clear motive, despite what we're hearing publicly.
12:15 pm
so during that press conference, i asked officer todd rhodes if sherry west, the mother of this 13-year-old, was being considered a suspect. he said he couldn't comment on an ongoing investigation and refused to give further comment on that question. >> discrepancies, you have to be there. a lot that we're going to get answered in this press conference. nick valencia, stand by. we'll be waiting on you. appreciate your reporting. and coming up on cnn, paris jackson questioned about the days leading up to her father's death. but lawyers hit a roadblock had they tried to question her little brother blanket. plus, the woman acquitted of murdering her roommate during a drug-fueled -- could be retried. that's next. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
12:16 pm
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12:18 pm
on the case now, amanda knox, a college student acqu acquitted of killing her roommate in italy could be retried. italy's highest court will hear the case and decide whether or not it gagrees with the acquittl and the release of knox. worst outcome, knox would be retried, but she would not have to appear in court in italy. michael jackson's youngest son blanket is being asked to
12:19 pm
testify about his father's last days. in fact, lawyers for aeg live, the company accused of being liable for michael jackson's death, wants the judge to order blanket to testify. but blanket's doctors warn it would be medically detrimental to the 10-year-old boy. o he was just 6 when michael jackson passed away. lawyers questioned michael's two other children, paris and prince. jackson's attorneys say aeg behaved aggressively and erratically with the children. cnn's legal analyst sunny hostin is here and anchor of evening express ryan smith is on the case right now. we have two brothers on the couch, and one sister in the studio. >> i'll take it. i'll take it. >> so let's go to sunny first. is this legal team going too far in questioning the children, sunny? >> they're not questioning them on the witness stand, right? they're not questioning them at trial. they're questioning them during a deposition. and lawyers are given pretty wide latitude pretrial, during
12:20 pm
the discovery process. but there is something to be said about what is in the best interests of this little boy. if you have a doctor saying this really could be detrimental, he's only 10 years old, he is a minor, only 6 when this happened, so i suspect the judge is going to look at the very alarming accusations, but, again, we're not talking about trial, we're talking about a deposition, and lawyers are given pretty wide latitude during this part of the discovery process. >> you want to comment on this, go ahead and talk about jodi arias? i'll say quickly, they have to give up on 10-year-old blanket. he was too young to know about any of this. they're saying in this lawsuit, that aeg is responsible for the death of michael jackson because they hired him, murray, and they also failed to supervise him. that's the claim. i can understand why you talk to the older children, the older ones said they knew some things about his affairs but not the younger one. >> and jodi arias. >> i feel like i'm living and breathing jodi arias.
12:21 pm
>> a petition to create the travis alexander law, it seeks to protect the image of murder victims like arias' ex-boyfriend alexander. over a thousand people signed the petition so far. and here is part of it. it says unsubstantiated claims about a murder victim should not be permitted without evidence and should only be allowed if substantiated and directly related to a defense, not as a means to tarnish the image of the victim in the eyes of the jury. has travis alexander's image been destroyed by his trial, by this trial? >> it has. and i don't like what's happened to travis here. but this is our system. here's the problem. she needs that right to a fair trial. everybody does in this country. we're all entitled to it. if we get into the nuances of her claim wasn't substantiated, we have a problem with the fair trial rights. imagine somebody abused and they kill someone, i'm not saying jodi, because her story is full of lies, but let's say that happens, and that person never talked to anybody, never told
12:22 pm
anybody about it, does that mean we wouldn't let her use claims that were unsubstantiated because she didn't tell somebody else or talk to someone else? that's an example, but you got to preserve somebody's right to put on a case. >> sunny? >> yeah, i completely agree. i hate it when i was trying these kinds of cases, these domestic violence cases where you had a victim, and the defense was trashing the victim. you see these kinds of defenses, but there is evidence because she is sitting on the witness stand, subject to cross examination, giving her version of events. that is considered evidence in our system. i think we have the best system in the world. i think ryan is right. she's been tested, a lot of lies coming out of her mouth. it is up to the jury to determine what they believe. but you have to let her testify, you have to let her put on her case, her evidence. >> listen, can we just talk about the fascinating -- both of you have been covering this trial and every one, working out at a gym with my trainer today and he says my girlfriend leaves
12:23 pm
this hln all day, on in the background, i say to her, it is a great thing. i say to her, honey, it is the same thing, she's not on the stand anymore. what is the fascination here? >> it is the story and her circumstance, i think, more than anything else. i think a lot of people out there are saying how can she be asking us to believe this, but because the story has so many layers, it is almost like you want to keep listening to see what is next, to see what they have on tap, to try to at least explain any of what happened there to make any sense. i think that's the toughest thing for people to buy, but that's what makes people latch on. >> all right. thank you, ryan smith. thank you, sunny hostin. two brothers on the couch, one sister in the studio. >> a nice ring to it. we considered a replacement brother. come sit over here. this is replacement brother. three brothers on the couch now. >> still three brothers on the couch. >> the world is okay. thank you, guys. you're a good sport. and one sister. we all shop online to save time and energy.
12:24 pm
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today is world water day, an effort to combat a global crisis. it is a fight that 2009 top ten cnn hero has fought every day. >> here in the u.s., it is hard for us towk+9y!ujuáup'd the wat crisis because we have it right at our fingertips. there is some countries where it takes many women and children four and five hours every single day just to get water, and then they absolutely -- it is filthy, it is making their children sick. when you see that firsthand, you can't help but be changed from that. i used to be a bartender and now i bring clean water to the world. the water won't make you feel sick to your stomach anymore. cnn heroes changed everything. before, we were able to reach four different countries. now we're in 15 different countries. syria is our latest one. and syria, every single day, people are leaving their homes
12:28 pm
going to the border areas and these camps, the living conditions, they're terrible. they don't have access to even the basics. right now we're actively working in two camps in the northwestern region of syria. i was able to bring water filters a couple of months ago. syria the first lotion we're using the filters. they filter up to 250 gallons of water every single day. we have a partnership with an organization called stop hunger now. we'll be sending a container with 250,000 meals and another thousand water filters. this will be just the first of many shipments hopefully. there is really no way to describe this feeling when you see a family have chrrystal cle, clean water. people think what can you do? but you can make a difference in one family's life. that's a huge thing. up next, news on every one and everything including a new
12:29 pm
museum exhibit showcasining dav bowie memorabilia. why a google exec owent to a country where access is rare. bizarre propaganda video released by north korea. the power block next. for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream
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12:33 pm
at the vma museum in london. like this wild outfit, which cemented his status in britain, when he appeared on the bbc hit tv show back in 1972. and then there is the white sax his father bought him when he was a big jazz fan. and how about this? the hand scrawled lyrics to his psychedelic hit ziggy stardust, introducing his most famous character to the world. it is one of the most technologically isolated places on earth, i'm talking about myanmar, also known as burma. a country where hardly any of the 50 million residents owned a cell phone and internet access is rare. a country will still finding its feet after decades of direct military rule. now google executive chairman eric schmidt thinks it is time to get myanmar connected. fresh from his controversial trip to north korea, he is now in the southeastern asian country, southeastern asian country, to try to tap that market. showrooming, showrooming.
12:34 pm
you know what it is? we're all guilty of it. you know when you look at a tv at best buy and then you buy it on amazon. now the senate is stepping in, attempting to end the practice. they're holding a symbolic and nonbinding vote today on whether online merchants should collect sales tax. the so-called amazon tax getting support from both sides of the aisle. >> you're supposed to pay this tax. people just don't do it. i think last year in missouri we had about 300 people pay this tax in the entire state. >> this basically will have the virtual effect over a period of time, all state ofs have to have sales taxes. forget your income tax. beyond that it will be the same rates. >> zain, is a ride on the free tax train coming to an end? >> it does look like it. the senate is addressing this as part of a budget debate. we're expecting to see an amendment filed today. even though this would mostly be a symbolic vote, it does raise a
12:35 pm
chance of actual legislation later on. here is what officials are trying to do. they basically want to sort of level out the playing field between store retailers and online retailers. we have a situation now, don, you talked about it a little bit, people sort of going to places like best buy, macy's, look around and go and buy the exact same product online for cheaper. i'm sure a lot of us are guilty of this. but if you introduce an online sales tax, it will help brick and mortar retailers compete more fairly. there is definitely pressure for the move forward. >> some states already actually already collecting sales tax, right? >> right. so, yeah. the law as it stands now, a little bit confusing. if an online retailer has a physical presence, a physical presence in a particular state, such as a store, business office, warehouse, it must collect sales tax from customers in that state. now, if it doesn't have a physical presence in a state, it is not necessarily required to collect sales tax.
12:36 pm
oftentimes when consumers have to pay an online sales tax, they're responsible for sending the unpaid tax directly to their state. obviously a lot of people don't do that. this law does open up a huge revenue potential for this country, possibly 23 billion by some estimates. don? >> a lot of money. zain asher in new york. have a great weekend. thank you. north korean rockets blasting through the sky. burning cities. paratroopers descending on south korea, armed soldiers in tanks and a land assault. you're looking at a propaganda video, an invasion scenario that it says would see some 150,000 u.s. citizens living in south kor korea. bashar al assad is vowing to purge his opponent after a suicide bombing in a mosque. the blast left 49 people including a leading sunni cleric who supported assad's muslim
12:37 pm
government. prepare for takeoff, prepare for takeoff or just prepare to be arrested. a man pretending to be a pilot makes his way all the way to the cockpit. we'll tell you how he got there and what tipped the crew off next. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know
12:38 pm
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this is it, this is the blackberry z-10, goes on sale in the united states today. i'm ali velshi. this is your money. here's what i think of it. >> there is no buttons on the blackberry. >> no buttens may not be news to you, but it is big new for blackberry users. many of whom won't know what to make of the z-10. canada's blackberry is counting on this totally virtual phone to allow it to live to fight another day. after a year long delay, and years of neglecting the onslaught by apple and android-based phones, rim finally unveiled its new blackberry ten mobile operating system and the first phone to
12:41 pm
run it. as a long time blackberry user and hard keyboard lover, i've been evaluating the new phone in real world conditions. i'm a heavy user and a champion thumb typist. being new to the virtual keyboard world, my e-mail output has been cut in half. while i got used to it. but the company says the keyboard is easier to use and more intuitive than its virtual competitors. the piece de resistance with the keyboard is that it grabs words from your device and names from your contact and predicts in a very customized way what you're likely to type. allowing you to compose entire sentences just by clicking the complete words which appear on the keyboard up toward the screen. all of it can be done with one hand. for those users for whom a virtual keyboard is still a nonstarter, you'll have to wait until april for a model with a hard keyboard. built on a brand-new operating system, not a single line of code is copied from blackberry's existing platform.
12:42 pm
battery life isn't great, but unlike iphone and many android phones, you can change a dead blackberry battery. here is an interesting feature for those of you who use a corporate blackberry with strict company rules but will also carry a separate phone for your personal use. the blackberry 10 uses something called balance, which basically allows the device to be strictly split, so that the corporate side of it can adhere to the company's rules, say, no photos or personal e-mails, while on the other side of this split personality you can do all of your personal business. >> these are secure. the information in them is secure. i can't take anything out of the work space, into my personal side. similarly, when i'm on the personal side, as an end use, i can remain confident that none of the tweets that i'm sending, the pictures i'm sharing, are things that my employer could have access to. it is really and truly a dual persona device. >> the two sides of the device, if you will, never cross each other. keep in mind, though, your company has to authorize and enable this feature. blackberry's ultra secure ultra
12:43 pm
efficient back office systems allowed them to dominate the corporate world. increasingly, companies are letting people choose what device they use. back in 2009, 20% of all smart phones globally were blackberries. today, just 6%. the stock is down 80% in five years. the question is whether this phone can change all of that. all right, the z-ten comes out just as samsung released its galaxy s-4. we're waiting to see what happenle hhappen apple has up its sleeve. the smartphone wars are on. i've been using this for a while. i like it. you can go to for another review. you decide. from new york, i'm ali velshi. this is your money.
12:44 pm
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the hottest stories in a flash. roll it. a french man is arrested at philadelphia's airport for impersonating a pilot on a us airways flight. police say the man boarded the plane, wearing what appeared to be an air france uniform, and talk his way into the cockpit. his lie came undone when the actual pilot showed up. air traffic controllers at 149 small and medium airports are going to be out of a job. the faa blames forced spending cuts. some brand-new airport control towers built with millions in federal stimulus money will collect dust. controllers worry about safety with less towers. >> why did they build this
12:47 pm
tower? in 2010 they said that safety was an issue. and then they funded this tower. now we're 2013 and safety will not be affected, which is it? >> the faa says it will begin a four-week phased closure of the control towers beginning on april 7th. new york state's tough new gun control law is under fire from the national rifle association. the nra has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the law's constitutionality. the program group claims legislation was rushed into law without committee hearing or public input. the law passed in january, it adds muss tocle to an existing . limits the size of ammunition magazines and strengthens rules about mental illness as they apply to guns. another blow for the financially strapped postal service. congress' watchdog arm said in a legal opinion the post office must deliver mail six days a week. that could end the post office's
12:48 pm
plan to cut first class service on saturday. we have seen this before, a sound bite from a tv news story becomes an internet sensation. remember this. nobody got time for that. the latest viral video features michelle clark of texas, which is near houston, listen as she described a hailstorm to kprc. >> it was like ka-pooa and i came in, i opened my door and i looked out my door and i took off running, ran to the restroom and i called my mama to see if she's all right. we had a hail party at 2:00 this morning. everybody was outside. man, that was one big size of a quarter, dog gone. they were big. they were hitting hard too, man. it is like snow in march.
12:49 pm
>> to prove that there are good sound bites and then there are great ones. don't take this next story seriously. it is a joke, okay? but punxsutawney phil has been indicted for lying on february 2nd. on that day, the giant rodent did not see his shadow, meaning spring would come early. six weeks later, winter is still hanging around. people are sick of the cold and snow and filed criminal indictment against phil, even seeking the death penalty. handlers have launched a defense, they say the groundhog is never wrong, but humans don't always translate his forecast correctly. now word that these two guys, rick santorum and newt gingrich talked about teaming up against mitt romney last year. jake tapper on tap next. heard, even in stupid loud places.
12:50 pm
to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. call me! seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultra-rugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect. buy one get four free for your business.
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12:52 pm
how is this for a dream team. check it out. shaq meets chris christie today. this comes from governor chris christie's twitter feed. you know it is a fun day in trenton when shaq stops by for a visit. the governor putting that on his twitter page. look at those two. they make a fine pair. minutes away, politics and
12:53 pm
sports colliding. mitt romney, there were discussions between the campaigns. should we unite and take on mitt romney together? we'll talk to the reporter who broke the story. and also, one of those from one of the campaigns who is trying to negotiate it will also have an exit interview with the outgoing mayor of los angeles. antonio villaraigosa. you may recall during last year's democratic convention, there was a big kerfuffle on the floor and villaraigosa trying to put the word god, trying to put the concept that israel is -- that jerusalem is the capital of israel back in the platform. big scandal. he'll talk about it for the first time on our show coming up
12:54 pm
in just a few minutes. >> jake, pretty good. pretty good rolling of the r and then you said kerfuffle. >> you like that? >> all in a matter of 15 seconds. thank you, jake. see you in a minute. looking forward to it. all right. tonight it a full-on ridiculous mystery. a cold case that is near and dear to nancy grace's heart. >> you were the last to admire it on air. >> the mystery over nancy grace's handcuffs going to a whole new level. why she's accusing anderson cooper of stealing. you'll see the hilarious back and forth. that's next.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
some mysterious news all the time. sometimes at cnn, just to lighten it up, we embrace the lighter side of 24 hour news, like when nancy grace grilled anderson cooper about her missing handcuff necklace. that's the subject of "ac 360's" the ridiculist. >> tonight it is a full-on ridiculist mystery. a cold case near and dear to nancy grace's heart. as in her necklace is missing. we're going to hear from nancy in a moment. if she's not too emotional. but first, a little background. nancy's necklace first caught my eye, a few weeks ago, when we had her on the program to talk about the jodi arias trial. take a look. nancy, are you wearing handcuffs as a necklace? >> yes, i am. would you like a pair? i did it for you. >> i saw something shiny and then i'm thinking, are those handcuffs? they really are?
12:58 pm
>> yes, they are. and they work. >> now it seems that nancy will have to use her bare hands if she has to arrest somebody because ladies and gentlemen, the handcuff necklace is missing. i repeat, the necklace is mia. sometime yesterday, nancy lost the necklace. i spoke with nancy a short time ago about this trying time in her life. nancy grace, first of all, i want to express my condolences, what happened to your necklace? >> well, anderson, the last time my handcuff necklace was admired on the air, i would like to point out that you were present. >> it was shiny. i was transfixed by it. >> you and mark geragos. you were the last ones to admire it on air. you clearly wanted the necklace. you asked about the necklace. you showed a very unusual interest in my handcuff necklace. or, anderson, was it just these?
12:59 pm
it doesn't work, anderson. ask your little friend geragos what he did with my necklace. >> nancy, first of all, i like that you pulled a larger set of handcuffs from the twins, and -- >> these are real, anderson. >> i'm sure they are. are you sure -- i don't want to accuse your children, are you sure the twins didn't steal this necklace. >> no, the twins have never seen the necklace. the necklace stays at work in a vault, hermetically sealed. like they have never even seen the handcuffs. >> have you retraced your steps? >> yes, i retraced my steps, anderson. and i even put up a flyer all around headline news and cnn asking for tips and there is a reward for the necklace. >> on twitter today, you did accuse me of the theft. and while i do find the handcuff necklace -- i

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